Catwalks & Kitty Elevators


· Cat walks come in several styles and sizes (heights), from single rails to the decorative "security" models.  They are designed to be installed along interior walls of your home or business, particularly right below the ceiling, with heavy-duty hardware.  Catwalks allow your cat to run around all or part of the room from ceiling height, effectively expanding running space for your cats.  Cat walks can completely surround a room or an entire home other space.  The outer rails of the security models touch the ceiling, enclosing your cats and allowing them to see out from a great height in safety.  Where security against falling or jumping is not a problem with your cats, low rails will suffice to allow your cats to see and run around the room at ceiling level.
· Cat walks are accessed by Kitty Elevators, rope trees (to form a spiral staricase) or stairs. Environments and other at furniture may be conneced by cat walks. See also: "Playrooms."
· All cat walks are sold by the linear foot and built to your order.  Ask for a free estimate.

· Dimensions for Catwalks (not including guardrails):  Outside:11 3/4" from wall into room, with running ramps 10 1/2" wide inside rails.


 $ 25.00 ft.


Height x Depth

Sug. Retail Price
Single Rail:

6" x 11 3/4"

$ 15.00 ft.

Double Rail:

9" x 11 3/4"

$ 20.00 ft.

Triple Rail (Security):

13 1/2" x 11 3/4"

$ 35.00 ft.

Decorative Rail:

9 1/2" x 11 3/4"

$ 35.00 ft.

Decorative Rail

13 1/2" x 11 3/4"

$ 50.00 ft.

Catwalks are accessed by Kitty Elevators, Rope Trees (to form a spiral staircase) or Stairs


Catwalk shown with Kitty Elevator (Bookcase Style)

Catwalk with Decorative Guard Rails


Catwalks Attaching to Enclosures





Catwalks, Arial Views


Kitty Elevator (Bookcase Style)

· Bookcase kitty elevator stands 4 feet high; additional elevators (without bottom floor on one side) may be stacked to allow cats to climb as high as you wish them to go, including to reach catwalks at ceiling levels.
· Can double as bookshelves (cats run behind books).
· Heavy-duty hand-washable lounging cushion in choice of denim (Navy) or duck canvas (Cream), stuffed with 100% natural unbleached cotton.
· Custom sizes available ­ add $100.00 per verticle or linear foot.

· Weight: Approximately 37 pounds.

· Dimensions:                          Height x Width x Depth
4' x 3' x 1'

Sug. Retail Price

Kitty Elevator

$ 450.00

Kitty Elevator (Bookcase Style)


Kitty Elevator (Stair Post Style)

· Climbing Stair Post Style Kitty Elevator allows your cats to climb as high as you wish them to go, including to reach cat walks at ceiling levels.
· Kitty Elevator is strong enough to span great heights in your home or other space.
· Secures to ceiling and floor with heavy-duty hardware; also may be secured to a wall or corner walls.
· Ideal for accessing second-story lofts.
· Customized features also available.
· Security guardrails on 2 or 3 sides at each landing also available.
· All Stair Post Kitty Style Elevators are sold by the vertical foot (includes one landing).

· Dimensions:

Height x Width x Depth



   Single Step 
    (wall mount):

26" x 14"

   Double Step 
    (Wall or ceiling
    /floor mount)

26" x 24"

  Landings (one per 
   vertical foot or 
      Single Step:

1 1/2"x 10 1/2"x 14"

      Double Step:

1 1/2"x10 1/2"x 24"

Climbing Post (with Landing):

Sug. Retail Price
Plain (10 1/2" x 14") Landings 

  $50.00 ft.

Plain (10 1/2" x 24") Landings

 $60.00 ft.

With Decorative 6" Minimum Security Guardrails:

  2 Sides (Wall Mount):
 (10 1/2" x 10 1/2" Landings)

$ 60.00 ft.

(10 1/2" x 24" Landings)

$ 70.00 ft.

  3 Sides (Wall Mount):

Sug. Retail Price
 (10 1/2" x 14" Landings)

 $ 75.00 ft.

(10 1/2" x 24" Landings)

$ 80.00 ft.

Optional Pedestal Base (Only):

Sug. Retail Price
3 1/2"x 3'x 3'

$ 200.00

Complete Unit
(8 verticle ft./7 Landings):

Sug. Retail Price
Single Step   55 lbs.

 $ 350.00

Double Step   75 lbs.

$ 420.00

Optional Pedestal Base 30 lbs.

$ 620.00

Kitty Elevator (Stairpost Style)

Kitty Elevator With Security Guardrails & Base, Adjoining Catwalks

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